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On Growing Older (the Musings of an Old Man) – Baka Rider
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On Growing Older (the Musings of an Old Man) — 1 Comment

  1. Wow! I have just read this and for many parts of it, it could almost have been me writing it! lol! I love your sense of humour on this subject of ageing, it’s brilliant! A brilliant outlook to have I reckon, one that many could do with applying for themselves, in my book! One thing you kind of missed out is, (although it is in there not quite spoken!) the fact that one day, out of the blue, you just suddenly think …. “What the hell happened? How on earth did I get to here? where have all those years gone?” It first hit me with a smack in the face, when I had to visit the doctor one day, and he said to me, during the conversation, “as a middle aged lady” (me!) …… the rest was lost in the sheer horror of what he had just said! It was rapidly downhill from there on!
    Thank you for this fabulous “musing” I enjoyed very much, reading this!
    Good luck! xx

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