Not much to tell.  I’m a 51 year old male with a sudden passion for motorcycles.  Well, not so sudden.  I’ve had a 1986 Honda Magna V45 for several years, but I bought my first ever NEW bike in July of 2010.  I’m happily married with two grown kids.  My daughter recently got married to a great guy.  I work as an Information Technology Manager for a major US Government, and hope to retire within the next 5-10 years.  Then I’ll really enjoy my rides!

Me and My Bike


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  1. Enjoy reading your site, just wondering how you like the 1300 compared to the v-45?
    I have a 83 v45 magna, been riding it for 12 years now, but thinking about getting something made in this century. how does the yamaha compare as far as power, comfort and dependability? i’ve been looking at a 2007 1300 worth the money and i think with the handlebar and windshield mod it might make a god replacement. I know the guys I ride with would like it as now I have to stop every 100 miles for gas.
    Thanks Bruce Rice in Dumas Tx.

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