To those following my posts, I’ve been a busy guy, especially the past few weeks.

The latest bike mod I’ve attempted is the air box mod. Rather than drill several hundred holes as other members of my forums have done, I used a different technique. I cut one LARGE hole in the front and back of the airbox, then filled the hole with a small grate.

This is what I used for the grate. It is a spare drive cover from a computer case that I used when building a computer system for a friend.

Computer Case Drive CoverComputer Case Drive Cover

I cut holes in the airbox the same width as this grate, then cut down the length of the grate to fit the holes, leaving a lip on the grate to prevent it from coming out through the hole.

Hole in rear of airbox
Cut to Fix

I made the grates stand out a bit from the case for looks, but I may change that in the future and make them flush with the case…

Hole filled

I didn’t do any elaborate calculations to figure out how much more air I’m getting in – I figured ANY amount is better than before.

The holes and grates were made with a tight tolerance, so it’s just friction holding them in. If this becomes a problem I may use some hot glue to hold them in. If I do that, I’ll probably go with the flush mount at that time…

Rear - All Together


Airbox Mods — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Baka, hope you are doing well. I noticed your air box mods on the vstar forum and they are impressive. Do you have anymore of the grates left? If so I can pay you for them or let me know where to obtain them.
    Thanks, Kurt
    on the vstar forum I am meaneyedcatz

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