I recently decided I needed power to my GPS. In order to provide this I wanted to install a standard “cigarette lighter” type socket, but I didn’t want it right out where it detracted from the look of the bike. Here’s what I came up with…

12 volt adapter

If you can’t tell, it is mounted to the ABS cover on the left of the bike just in front of the fuel tank. I routed the cables under the fuel tank back to the battery compartment (see below). It is a weatherproof socket, at least when it’s closed. I may reconsider and mount it upside down so rain can’t get in it when it’s in use, either. But that’s another day, and my GPS isn’t waterproof anyway.

In order to wire this in, I could have used the standard inline fuse that it came with, but I went another route. I removed the tool tray under the seat and installed a six port fuse box, as well as a terminal strip for grounding. I tried keeping the tool tray installed, but the fuse block and fuses were too tall and were interfering with the seat. I’m going to keep my eye out for a fuse block that takes the miniature spade fuses rather than the larger ones, but for now this works.

Fuse Block under seat

I got the fuse block and terminal strip from my local AutoZone. This way, all I have to do is run wires from my accessories straight to these two connection points (or just to the fuse block if I’m grounding it elsewhere), and each circuit gets it’s own fuse. I’m also planning to put a relay circuit somewhere in there so that I can have accessories that turn on and off with the bike (the 12 volt adapter is currently wired as hot all the time.) The fuse block is held in by the rubber strap while the terminal block is just installed with double sided tape at the moment. I also reinstalled the rubber foam cover that comes under the seat to act as an insulator, just in case.

So now I have a ready source of fused power for all the neat extras I want to put on the bike (not sure exactly what yet, but there WILL be extras 🙂


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