I finally got tired of digging in my pocket for my garage door opener, so I thought it was time to wire one into my bike. I’ve seen several posts about wiring it in using the headlight high beam switch to activate it, but I didn’t want anything that fancy. I just figured I’d put in a separate switch.

After looking all over, I decided to get handlebar mounted switches from Hot Grips Mfg. These mount directly on the bars near the grip – they say on the left grip, but I’ve been able to get them to fit on both grips in two places, for a total of four switches if I need them.

Handlebar SwitchHandlebar Switch

I got these from http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=204&rn=159&action=show_detail, but I got the switches themselves from http://www.electricalconnection.com/power-distribution/switch_handlebar.htm. The housings were much cheaper on the first site, but they didn’t have the rubber booted switches.

Switch on Bars

I then proceeded to tear into my keychain remote for my garage door opener. I attached one set of wires to the switch circuit and out the back of the case, and another set of wires to the battery circuit. Fortunately for me this remote uses a 12 volt power source so it was easy to wire in…

Garage opener wiringGarage opener wiring

I ran the switch wires from the handlebar switch to the headlight bucket and placed the remote behind the velcroed bundle of wires already in there. I then applied power to the remote using the hot wire off the accessory plug. The opener only works when the headlight is on, but that’s fine for me.

End result, no longer having to fumble in my pocket as I drive up to the garage. Total time, about an hour. Well worth it in my opinion.


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